TypeEngine - GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 Powered AI Content Creation

A content tool designed by marketers to power your content strategies

TypeEngine is the perfect solution for businesses who want to create better content, but don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves. We can help you create content that is more engaging, relevant, and effective.

Scale your content production and get back your time

TypeEngine will help you write better headlines, improve your grammar, and make sure your content is readable and engaging. It's a great way to improve your content without having to spend hours writing and editing.

See TypeEngine at work

User friendly, easy to use and lightning quick.

A revolutionary AI to create content quickly and efficiently

Flexible, for whatever purpose you need

Whether you need content for your website, social media or ads TypeEngine always delivers unique and creative content.

Save time and focus on your deep work

Let the engine do all the heavy lifting for you, say goodbye to writers block and spend time working on the edits that make your content impactful.

Outpace your competition

TypeEngine gives you a competitive advantage to produce more effective content in higher quantities. Leave your competition in the dust and take your strategy to the next level.


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GPT-4 Powered Chat Assistant
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Generate Blog Ideas
Let our AI generate blog ideas for you.
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Generate a Blog
Let our AI generate blog articles for you.
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Summarise Text
Let our AI give you the TLDR.
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Generate Marketing Email Subjects
Give the AI your email text and get subject line ideas.
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Generate a Product Ad
Generate an ad from a short product description for a target audience.
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Generate FAQs
Generate FAQs from a description of your product, business or website.
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Generate FAQ Schema
Generate an FAQ schema from a list of questions and answers.
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Rephrase Messages/Emails
Get help crafting the best response to messages or emails.
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Start small, upgrade as you go. Take control of everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TypeEngine work? TypeEngine uses a branch of the OpenAI GPT algorithm, the same used in ChatGPT, to help you create content for a range of purposes. Our engine comes with a range of editors that help you design content from the initial idea phase through to creation.
Is the content always unique? Our AI is trained on a large amount of data from the world wide web collected before 2022. This means it has learned how to create content based on other written work. Many people are concerned about it regurgitating content from the training set resulting in plagiarism. This is not how the AI works in practice and you are extremely unlikely to get content similar to other users of TypeEngine or other content on the web. A plagiarism checker is in our roadmap but in the meantime, for peace of mind, there are many checkers available.
Do you have a free trial? Our trial plan gives you 10,000 credits to try on any generators, including GPT-4 Chat. Just sign up, no credit card required, and get your free tokens.
What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and China UnionPay payments from customers worldwide.
How do you measure how many credits I've used? Depending on your plan and the AI model you use credits are deducted when you use our generators or Chat system. Your remaining credits are displayed at the top right of your screen. For a deep dive into how our credits work, check the link in the footer.
How can I get more credits? Your credits refresh every month, if you want more credits each month the best thing to do is upgrade to the next plan level. If you need more than 200,000 words per month please contact us for a custom plan.
Why is TypeEngine so much cheaper? We are a small team and we have decided to focus on TypeEngine's core features and avoid flashy gimmicks to make our subscriptions as cost effective as possible. This allows us to keep costs down so you can generate as much content as possible. This means you get significantly more words per month at a lower cost than services such as Jasper and Copy.ai whilst using comparable tech. As our feature list expands we'll look to keep subscriptions as competitive as possible.
Who owns the content that TypeEngine creates? There is a lot of discussion at the moment as to who owns the IP and copyright of AI outputs and inputs. When using TypeEngine you own the full rights and IP of everything that goes in and out of the AI. We don't claim ownership of anything you put in or get out of the AI. Please see the content ownership policy for more information.
Do you use my data in the AI model or to train the AI? Simply put, no, any data you input into TypeEnigne is not used by the main AI model and is not accessible to users outside of your organisation/account.
Do you have ChatGPT? As an OpenAI partner, yes we do. Access to ChatGPT is a new part of our professional subscription and allows you to have an almost identical experience to ChatGPT by OpenAI. We are also working on a range of new and creative ways to implement this technology into new tools and systems so keep an eye out for announcements of new features.
Can I get a plan for my business? Yes absolutely, we offer competitive plans that have access to GPT-4 and are tailored for multi-user businesses. Please contact us on our support email and we'll happy to discuss setting up a custom plan for your team.

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