Token Information - How We Calculate How Many Tokens You've Spent

With the launch of GPT-4, we have implemented a token system as we feel this is more accurate than a word system and gives you, our users, better value for money, especially for using Chat which is much more resource intensive than our standard content generation.


Whilst it might feel quite complicated at first, the token system is easy to understand.

We take our most expensive AI model (at this point in time GPT-4) and use this to anchor the cost of our token.


So our baseline cost is 1 Token = ~0.75 Words from GPT-4.


We then factor this down based on your plan and the cost of an AI action. You can use the table below as a reference for how much an action costs in tokens.

  Trial Starter Professional Expert
GPT-4 Send* 0.5 N/A 0.5 0.5
GPT-4 Receive 1 N/A 1 1
Turbo Generators (Non-Chat) 1 Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage
Turbo Chat Send 0.25 Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage
Turbo Chat Receive 0.5 Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage

*Tip: With chat when you send a message the AI also has to reprocess all of your previous conversation history from that chat at the same time to preserve its context. This costs tokens and gets more expensive the longer you chat is. If you want to make the most efficient use of your GPT-4 tokens keep chats shorter by starting new chats regularly and try to keep your chats to a single topic. You'll still get excellent outputs and get more usage out of your tokens!